You CAN Help Change The World!

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

~ Tony Robbins

When you  invest in your business, your goals and your dreams through partnering with us, you are helping families and children in need thrive! 

We are proud to be able to partner with local, national, and international charities to create meaningful change in our world. Change that includes meeting fundamental human needs through school lunches, and essential care for vulnerable mothers and their babies.

A portion of every service or package purchased is used to help change the world. Together, here is how we are changing the world:

Fuel 4 Kids Lunch Program

Many families in the Airdrie community are struggling and some children go to school without anything to eat. Without lunch, these students’ ability to learn is negatively impacted. The goal of Fuel 4 Kids lunch program is to ensure that no child goes hungry at school.

we are giving back to Airdrie Food bank Fuel 4 Kids lunch program
Compassion Canada's survival program in the Philippines
Compassion Canada logo

Compassion's Survival Program

Every day, thousands of innocent babies around the world are born into highly vulnerable circumstances that put their very survival at risk.

The mission of Compassion’s Survival initiatives is to give these precious children a healthy start in life and to show both mothers and their babies that they are personally known, loved and protected. Through this program, mothers living in poverty are given the tools they need to change the story for their children— today, and for generations to come.

We are proud to partner with Compassion's Survival program in the Philippines! With our help, babies born into poverty can get the essential care they need, and their mothers are empowered to raise healthy and happy babies.

Thank you  for helping us to give generously to local and world-wide community needs!