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My Recommended Marketing Technology Stack of Tools to Support your Business and Online Marketing

Having the right Marketing Technology tools in your business toolbox is essential for effectively growing your business online. The tools listed below are all tools that I use or recommend using to achieve your business marketing goals. Some are affiliate links where I may earn a small commission if you use my link. (Any commission helps to support the creation of the free content I produce.)

Email Marketing Systems

Convertkit logo

Convertkit – This is a great option for any business owner, whether you are in the beginning stages or your business is more established. It is easy and simple to use, and provides powerful automation capabilities without a hefty price tag. Curious to learn more? Check out this article I wrote sharing 5 reasons why I recommend ConvertKit.

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mailerlite logo

MailerLite – MailerLite is a great option if you are just starting out or are looking for an email marketing platform that allows you to do simple automations on a budget. They have a great free plan that enables you to make full use of their easy-to-use marketing tools to grow your email list with minimal limitations.

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Course & Membership Hosting Platforms

kajabi logo

Kajabi – Kajabi is one of the best all-in-one platforms that contains all the features you need to build, market, sell and deliver your online courses, membership sites, and coaching programs, all in one convenient platform. You can read 5 benefits for choosing Kajabi to host your online courses here.

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teachable logo

Teachable – Another great option for hosting your online courses is Teachable, especially if you have a limited budget. There are many options to customize your course layout allowing you to integrate with your favourite tools to make a personalized and streamlined experience for your students.

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Social Media Graphic Design

canva logo

Canva – This is probably one of the most popular and powerful tools for creating graphics and images for all aspects of your business in an easy and fast way. It allows you to create and design graphics, templates, presentations and so much more whether you are a graphic designer or not. It is a must-have in our toolbox!

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Social Media Scheduling Tools

Meta Business Suite logo

Meta Business Suite – There are many scheduling tools available out there, however my recommendation for scheduling posts to your Facebook page or Instagram channel is to use their native scheduling tool – Facebook Business Suite. The number one reason? It’s free! You can schedule up to 3 months ahead and it provides you with insights and analytics on your post engagement and reach.

Click here to try Meta Business Suite.

Buffer logo

Buffer – For all other social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, I recommend using Buffer for scheduling your posts. Buffer has a good free plan that allows you to schedule a maximum of 10 posts on 3 social media channels at one time. This is sufficient for many small business owners. The free plan does not include analytics so if you do require full analytics from your posts that you do not get directly from the social media platforms itself, the upgraded plan starts at $5 per month per social media channel.

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Project management

asana logo

Asana – I started with Asana, and still highly recommend it for project management. It is a simple platform to use and track your projects, either in a list view, board view or calendar view. The free plan includes many of the features that will allow you to manage and track your projects in a simple way that will keep you organized and on top of your due dates.

Click here to try Asana.

clickup logo

ClickUp – This is my go-to tool for project and team management. It has all the essentials you need for managing projects and tasks including the ability to easily communicate with team members or clients regarding a specific task, uploading documents, tracking the status of tasks and projects, and customizing the view of your project. The free version is sufficient for many and if you find you need to upgrade to one of their paid plans, they are pretty reasonable compared to other project management systems.

Click here to try ClickUp.

Project management

google drive logo

Google Drive – Google Drive is my go-to for storing those live documents that require collaboration with team members or clients. A big benefit of working with documents within Google Drive is that you can have multiple people working on one document at the same time and it gets updated in real time.

Click here to try Google Drive.

dropbox logo

Dropbox – I also rely on Dropbox for storing and sharing files, content, images and videos with team members and clients that may be larger files or are final versions of a document. Using the Dropbox desktop app makes it an extension of your file folders where it is easy to add files and share them with others.

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