Stop overwhelm and say hello to confidence with marketing and Kajabi support from Tiel Virtual Solutions

It's time to say goodbye to overwhelm ...

        ... and hello  to confidently growing your business online!

Are you like many coaches, speakers and course creators who are overwhelmed having to wear all of the hats in your small business?

  • You love to engage with your clients and audience to share your expertise, but hate learning the ins and outs of successfully growing a business online?
  • You have a lot of balls in the air and are scared to drop one at any moment?
  • You are struggling to find time to do it all?
  • You become paralyzed with the thought of learning the back-end of each different platform you use in your business?
  • You have invested in programs and courses that have given you a foundational understanding of online marketing and online courses but are uncertain of how to implement everything?

Let Tiel Virtual Solutions Come To The Rescue!

Receive the gift of confidence for your message when you invest in Online Marketing and Kajabi support from Tiel Virtual Solutions.

Natashia Tiel of Tiel Virtual Solutions provides online marketing and Kajabi support

Hey there! I’m Natashia, owner of Tiel Virtual Solutions, and along with my team, our passion is to help small business owners, like yourself, gain back your time and confidently grow your business online through effective marketing.

If you want to:

  • become more efficient with your marketing whilst saving time,
  • set your business up for success,
  • consistently market yourself online and get results from your marketing,

... all while focusing on the areas of your business you love, then a change may be what you need.

Let us partner with you to help plan and market your business for success, gifting you confidence for your marketing message! Don't waste another day - let us come alongside and provide you with the online marketing and Kajabi support you need!

Here are a few areas we can help with:

Digital marketing support provided by Tiel Virtual Solutions

Let us help you connect with your audience through Email Marketing, Blog posts and Social Media Marketing.

Kajabi tech setup support provided by Tiel Virtual Solutions

Let us remove your Kajabi tech headache and take care of setting up your online course, offer or website.

Online course launch support provided by Tiel Virtual Solutions

Let us help keep your upcoming launch on track and meet your goals for an almost 'stress-free' launch.

Natashia Tiel, Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant, Kajabi Specialist Support, Launch Support

About Natashia

Natashia Tiel, owner & founder of Tiel Virtual Solutions, resides just north of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband and two kids. Her background includes over 10 years of combined experience in administration, customer service, event & hospitality management. She is certified as a Kajabi Specialist and in Online Marketing and Online Event Management through Freelance University. Her passion is to gift you confidence for your message to turn your dreams into reality by providing online marketing and Kajabi support!


I can show up professionally!

It was a pleasure to work with Natashia. All of my expectations/hopes were met. She is very organized and her follow-up is very timely. With her Kajabi support, I was able to share my website and show up as a professional.

Seeing my course live makes me so emotional!

I really appreciate your work on this project. Seeing it makes me so emotional! Having something to sell online is amazing and I couldn’t have done it without your help so thank you!

Ciara Glendon - Blush Peony Weddings

My reach on Social Media has grown substantially!

Before I started working with Natashia, I was challenged with communicating on social media that was aligned with my brand. Since working with Natashia, she quickly picked up on the voice I wanted to project, and I have seen my reach on social media grow substantially.

Natashia and her team are easy to work with and provides excellent marketing support for my practice. Working with Tiel Virtual Solutions frees up my time so that I can be working with clients rather than working on marketing.

A seamless continuation of my primary marketing efforts!

Natashia and her team are easy to work with and filled with good ideas to benefit my business. Since working with Natashia, I have seen a seamless continuation of my primary marketing efforts - SM and monthly eNewsletter - when I came on-board a year ago. This was very important to me and it was entirely successful.

Cindy Silver - Registered Dietitian

Easy to work with, pleasant & professional

Natashia was very easy to work with, she was pleasant and professional. She was very timely with the projects that she did for me and they were always done well. She is bright and catches on quickly. If I ever had any changes she did them promptly and with no fuss. I really enjoyed working with Natashia and would definitely use her services again!

Professional & good communication

Natashia is awesome and extremely good at communication. She manages my client care and handles all situations with grace and professionalism. She also does a wonderful job creating and managing my social media content. I am really happy to have her as part of my team!

You are so capable and professional!

Natashia, thank you SO much. It has been just wonderful to work with you. Having your help with setting up my marketing funnel, in such an efficient manner before my conference opens, was a gigantic blessing. You are so capable and professional, and you communicate so clearly with progress updates. I am now dreaming of being able to hire you again, and even to hire you on a regular basis.

Willing to go the extra mile!

Natashia is great - she is very proactive, dependable and reliable and always willing to go the extra mile as needed. Her work is thorough and she is someone I can really depend on to help me with my business.

Launch your Online Course in Kajabi with Confidence with these 10 Steps!

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