September 17, 2018  

The popularity of online events continues to grow exponentially.

People are taking advantage of live stream videos, online webinars, virtual conferences and summits, and even still teleseminars.

When was the last online event you attended? How many virtual events have you signed up for in the past few months or year?

Online Events are a great marketing tool for coaches, speakers, authors, course creators, business consultants … and the list goes on. They are a great tool for any entrepreneur who wants to engage with their target audience.

“Why?”, you may ask.

Because your target audience loves online events.

People Love Online Events Computer Coffee Phone

Let’s explore the top reasons why people love online events.


Most people are always connected online through multiple devices during the day. For me, I have my smartphone always nearby where I can quickly check my email, social media updates and even interact with others while I am out doing errands. My laptop is easily accessible whilst at home, as well as the tablet.

Your audience can easily access your webinar or virtual summit wherever they are. They can join whilst travelling, or in the comfort of their own home (or even bed).  It is easier to fit an online event into an already busy schedule, with the popular options of attending the online conference live or watching the replay at a more convenient time.

On Demand

We are becoming, if not already, an on=demand society. The internet has provided us with immediate access to pretty much whatever we want. With the click of a button, we can go shopping, conduct business, watch a movie, order food and attend a virtual conference or summit.

As previously stated, the majority of online events have two opportunities to join: live or watching the replay after. Your target audience can be educated on your message at the click of a button, as they access the live recording or replay.

Bite Sized Learning

Do you love to learn? I do! I love learning how to do things better, to keep up with trends within the internet marketing/online events industry, and better improve my expertise. The majority of us love to learn. Learning is beneficial for us in so many ways, and online events are a great platform to teach.

Offering a webinar or live streaming video enables you to provide your audience with quick bite-sized pieces of information. You are able to establish your authority and credibility with your target audience, by providing snippets of content that will have them wanting to come back for more!


A benefit of attending a physical event is the interaction and networking opportunities with other attendees. However, this is not completely lost at online events. Audience engagement is important and should be encouraged throughout a live event.

Webinars are a great place to include a Q&A at the end of the presentation for those attending live to ask any questions. Virtual Summits and Virtual Conferences often keep the online meeting room open throughout the day for attendees to stay and network through the chat area.


Providing an online event for your audience is a great way to expand the reach you have within your target audience. Encouraging your audience to share the registration link for your webinar, or to share the replay to your virtual conference or teleseminar, is a great way to expand your client base.

We are more likely to join an online event hosted by someone we don’t know, when that recommendation comes from a trusted source. By allowing your virtual event to be shared through social media, you are expanding and growing your base of potential clients.

Have you thought of hosting a virtual event but are not sure where to start? Did you experience difficulties on your last webinar that have scared you away from doing it again? Are you too busy to even start planning a virtual conference?

I would love to help! Let’s set up a complimentary 30-minute discovery call and see how we can get your online event to reality!

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