September 23, 2021  

As business owners, there are times when we need to take a step back and get an outside perspective.

Do you ever feel like you are stuck, spinning your wheels? Overwhelmed? Finding it difficult to take a step back, get an outside perspective and see where your business is going?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners wear “all the hats” in their business. There are so many pieces that you need to have your eyes on to keep everything running smoothly. It can easily begin to feel like you are spinning your wheels, moving fast but going nowhere.

If you can resonate with this, maybe it’s time to get an outside perspective – a viewpoint from someone who is not internally connected to your business.

We, as human beings, are often seeking outside perspectives whether it is advice on parenting or relationships, guidance from a trusted friend, counseling, or therapy to work through an issue … It should be no different to seek guidance from an outside perspective for your small business. There is value in seeking advice and guidance from someone else’s point of view – value that can be critical to the success and growth of your business.

Step back and get an outside perspective on your business.

5 Ways to take a step back and get an outside perspective on your business

Here are five ways that you can seek an outside perspective in your business today:

1. Mentor

A business mentor is often someone who has more experience than you, who is further along in their entrepreneurial journey and has a passion to walk alongside someone in their own journey. They can be a great source of guidance, motivation and emotional support as you talk through the business decisions and roadblocks you may be facing.

2. Accountability Partner

Find a trusted friend or colleague who you can be in contact with regularly, to hold one another accountable for your weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Meet weekly, whether that is in person, on Zoom, or on the phone. Share what you accomplished and didn’t accomplish, your goals for the week, and any challenges you may be having that week. Having that accountability (and knowing they will be asking you) can give you the motivation you need to have a productive week and accomplish your goals.

3. Business Coach

There are several different types of business coaches. Many business coaches will assist and guide you with your business vision and goals, helping you move your business in the direction to where you want it to go. They can be a great catalyst in pushing your business forward. If you are struggling in a certain area of your business, it is quite likely that you can find a business coach that specializes in that area of expertise.

4. Group Coaching or Mastermind

There are times when it may not be feasible to hire a business coach for one-on-one sessions. If that is the case, you may want to find a group coaching or mastermind program. Many business coaches provide group coaching packages that give you access to the business coach a couple of times a month. That access may be through monthly training calls, hot seats where your business is the focus, or Q&A sessions. These programs are often cheaper than one-on-one coaching sessions as you are sharing with the other members in the program. They also give you access to other perspectives, as well as more networking opportunities, from the other members of the group.

5. Local Chamber of Commerce or Business Association

Becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce or business association can provide many of the benefits that you can get from a mentor, business coach and group coaching program. Often, these business associations provide training events throughout the year, focused on growing your business. And, of course, there are many networking opportunities that come with being a member of a business association.

Change your view with an outside perspective

Are you investing in your small business by getting an outside perspective? How do you step back to see the whole picture and not just one piece of the puzzle?

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