October 3, 2018  

I am a couple days late in posting because life happened! Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to stop & rest.

Monday I woke with a head cold from my daughter and all I wanted to do was sleep. So, instead of working during her nap time, like I normally do, I took a 2 hour nap. And it was glorious!

Yes, I didn’t get any business work completed that day, but I took care of myself. This was the best decision I could make not only for myself, but for my daughter.

Rest Coffee Notebook Blanket

Sometimes, you need to stop and rest!

And not feel bad or guilty about taking that time to rest and rejuvenate the soul! It often leads to even better productivity rather than trudging along and producing only at 25% of your best.

When you are feeling like this, I encourage you to STOP and take a break. Take a 20 minute break. Step away from the computer, from your projects, from the mound of work.

Let go … just for 20 minutes!

Get a cup of tea or coffee and sit in your favourite chair with your favourite book.

Curl up with a blanket and close your eyes for 20 minutes.

Or watch one episode of your favourite TV show.

Get down on the floor and play with your kids.

Do whatever makes you feel good and feel rested. And then go back to your computer, to your projects, and work with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit.

How much more productive will you be if you allow yourself to rest when you are feeling tired and weary?

By resting you are giving your body time to re-boot and re-energize. Often by stepping away from our work, we can better solve the problem that has been frustrating us. Our brains are still actively working through the problem, trying to find the solution. When we return to our work with rested eyes, we often find that solution at a much quicker speed.

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work. Yet, rest needs to be a priority. Don’t block your full day with work. Remember to block out times for rest. I bet you will be even more productive when you make rest a priority!

How do you find rest in your day? Share in the comments below, I’d love to know!

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