September 24, 2018  

Last week, I wrote on the five reasons people love online events. This post explored the ease of access and increased popularity of webinars, virtual summits and conferences.

Today, I would like to look at the top 3 benefits to you, as an entrepreneur, coach, speaker and creative, for hosting your own online event.

Online Events are a great marketing tool that are not always used to their full potential. There are many benefits to hosting an online event. Below we are going to explore three of these benefits.

Benefits of Hosting Online Events Webinars Teleseminars Virtual Conferences Summits

Build Brand Recognition and Credibility

Holding a free webinar or a live streaming video is a great way to gain visibility and credibility with your ideal client. You have the opportunity to educate your client with snippets of information that places you in a position of authority on that topic. You are able to draw your client in to hear what you are teaching, and leave them wanting more.

As you showcase your knowledge and expertise, the audience will look to you for further information. They will connect to your website and start reading your blog posts. They will check out the products and services you have to offer that will give them additional resources.

Build Excitement for an Upcoming Product Launch

A popular, if not the most popular, benefit of hosting a webinar or teleseminar, is to lead your audience towards a bigger offer. An upcoming product launch! This is a great way to build excitement and buzz for a future launch. You are drawing your audience in, giving them a glance into the new product, providing them with added value and information, and leaving them wanting more.

You’ve drawn them in and have ended the webinar with an amazing offer that they can’t pass up. What a great way to create momentum for your product launch! This of course, is most successful when you have a targeted audience already following you through social media platforms and on your own email list.

Build Your Email List

Don’t have a strong email list yet? No worries. The third benefit we are exploring is just that – building your email list. In addition to building credibility and authority within your market, or building excitement for an upcoming product launch, virtual summits, conferences and webinars is a great tool for lead generation.

As you establish your credibility and authority, provide the audience with added value and information, and leave them wanting more, what is the most logical step they want to take? Sign up on your email list! They will want to stay in contact, to receive further information and news from you!

If you are interested in hosting an online event, but are unsure of where to start, let me help! Let’s set up a call and go through an online event assessment today, and get your webinar ready to go live!

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