June 3, 2021  

Content marketing can be reused in three ways to save time, to increase traffic to your website, and to be more efficient with your marketing.

Similar to the purpose and importance of recycling, we don’t always have to be creating new content. Content marketing doesn’t always have to be brand new, fresh content to be effective.

There are many benefits to recycling our marketing content! Today, I want to share my spin on the 3 R’s of Recycling—The 3 R’s of Content Marketing: Repurpose, Refresh, and Reimagine.

3 ways to use your content marketing: repurpose, refresh and reimagine


For many coaches, course creators, and service-based business owners, creating marketing content doesn’t come naturally. A love of writing or marketing is not the reason why you started your business. (If it is, that is awesome!   )

Putting in the time and effort to create that newsletter email or blog post doesn’t always come naturally to you, and to have to create social media content on top of that? Yikes!

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that overwhelming! You can take that newsletter email that you spent time working on and repurpose it into a blog post or smaller tidbits of advice to post on your social media channels. Why reinvent the wheel every time? Check out this article where I share 10 ways that I repurpose one piece of marketing content.


As you create more and more content, you may find that some of your older articles or blog posts may be outdated—no longer having relevant information. It can be beneficial to update these older pieces of content and to give them a refresh, so that they become relevant again.

By presenting older pieces of content in a new and refreshed way, you are making this content more relevant to your audience. This will help the search engines rank these blog posts higher in the search results. And of course, once you have refreshed an outdated piece of content you can always repurpose it.


The need to create multiple types of content to use in emails, on your website, on social media channels, and also having to create those lead magnets to entice people to get onto your email list can become overwhelming. But just like the first two R’s of content marketing, this third R – Reimagine – is exactly that . . . reimagine what you already have for other uses.

Have you written a series of tip posts that get a lot of views? Turn those tips into a how-to guide or eBook. Or take a how-to article and create a cheat sheet or checklist that your audience can use to implement in their business or life.

By following the 3 R’s of Content Marketing, you will become more efficient with your marketing, and you will save time and energy that you can use to focus on the areas of your business that you love working in.


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