February 22, 2020  

Have you heard that email marketing is dying, or even already dead?

Don’t believe it! Email marketing continues to live on, and is in fact, one of the best ways to market your online business. It’s not a new way of marketing but it definitely continues to have a prominent place within a successful marketing strategy.

If you are skeptical about the benefit of investing your time in growing your email list, keep reading for five reasons email marketing continues to live on. With a potential return on investment of up to 4400%, this medium continues to be one of the best ways to reach and retain potential customers and clients.

Here are five reasons email marketing continues to live on.

1. Email holds a permanent place in our daily lives.

What is the first thing you check in the morning? According to a study completed by OptinMonster, more than half of us check our email before we do anything else in the day. Maybe even before we get out of bed. And definitely before checking all of our social media apps. 99% of the people surveyed check their email at least once a day with some people checking more than 20 times a day!

Email is embedded into our lives. It is part of our daily routines. We are connected through email both in our personal and business lives – and this includes people of all ages, from teenagers to people of retirement age.

2. Email is private and secure.

How often do you hear about security breaches with your email provider? Not very often, especially when comparing to the security breaches within social media networks. Email providers offer much higher privacy settings making your information and data a lot more secure. This data and information is also YOURS! You own the information in your inbox. But the data and information you put on your social networks – guess what? It’s not yours! Even your list of connections, friends or followers is not yours.

Email marketing is also regulated and controlled by our governments with tougher laws to protect the personal data and privacy of subscribers. When growing an email list, you need to ask for consent from your subscribers in order to contact them with additional information. Your subscribers are protected and you are protected.

3. Email has gone mobile!

With the rise of mobile use it is no surprise that 49% of emails are opened on mobile devices with iPhone and iPad’s the most popular devices. With email available on your mobile device, no wonder it holds a permanent place in your day. You can view, respond and send emails on the go! And so can your potential customers and clients.

4. Email Marketing delivers.

Unlike social media networks, you don’t have to struggle with your emails not being seen by your subscribers. It is becoming more and more difficult to ensure that people on social media networks will actually see your posts. Chances are you don’t even have a chance unless you pay for ads.

But guess what? Email is free! And it will reach the majority of your subscribers right in their private inbox. They don’t have to go scrolling through their social media feed to ‘happen’ across your post. Your email is waiting in their inbox, ready to be read.

5. Email marketing platforms have improved conversion rates.

According to the study by OptinMonster, the engagement rate on social media networks is less than 0.6%. The average email open rate is 22.86%. Which method do you think has a higher chance of delivering?

Yep, you’ve guessed it. Email! (hopefully you guessed correctly! 😉)

The average conversion rate for sending emails is 6.05% compared to less than 2% through social media networks. If email has a return on investment of 4400% (meaning that every $1 you spend on email marketing has the potential to bring you $44 in return), do you think it’s worth spending the time on email marketing?

These are five reasons email marketing continues to live on, and why you should be investing in email within your online marketing strategy.

Is email an essential part of your marketing strategy? If you are concentrating your marketing strategy solely on social media, I would encourage you to re-evaluate your marketing plan.

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