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Eliminate your marketing struggles by outsourcing your online marketing tasks.

You know that marketing is a necessary part of your coaching business. Any business that wants to grow and thrive needs to put effort into an effective marketing strategy and plan.

Yet, I get the struggle. You didn’t start your coaching business to do marketing. You started your business so you could help others. Your desire is to share your knowledge and expertise with others, to guide your clients on their own transformation journey, and to better their own lives. Your desire is NOT to spend hours or days on marketing.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

-> Are you frustrated with how long it takes you to complete all of the marketing tasks for just one article or one piece of content? Do you feel like you are spending day upon day working on that same piece of content?

-> Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to create so many different pieces of content? Plus the time it takes to get everything scheduled or published online?

-> Are you frustrated that these marketing tasks are pulling you away from working with clients? Or even taking you away from time spent with your family or friends as you work late into the evening or fill your weekend with working on your business?

-> Are you beginning to feel discouraged with your marketing efforts? Is it worth all this extra time that is pulling you away from the things that actually bring you joy?

If you can resonate with any of the above scenarios, you are not alone. There are many coaches and course creators out there that have similar struggles and frustrations when it comes to marketing their businesses.

Today, I want to walk you through one solution to these frustrations and feelings of overwhelm.

You don’t have to keep living in this place. You can move away from frustration and overwhelm to a place of confidence and thriving in your business because you are able to spend your time on areas of your business that bring you joy – the areas that also generate more revenue for you.

-> Are you ready to feel confident that your marketing is being taken care of whilst you are focusing on your 1-1 sessions with more clients?

-> Are you ready to focus on creating that dream online course because you now have the time to put towards building it?

-> Are you ready for consistent marketing that is bringing in new leads in a way that is saving you a minimum of 7 hours per month?

All of this is possible when you begin outsourcing your online marketing.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. ~ Peter DruckerOutsourcing your online marketing is the process of hiring or contracting an outside business to take care of some or all of your business’s marketing activities. These activities can include marketing strategy, content creation, image creation, content distribution, managing social media channels, networking & engaging online, email marketing, tracking analytics, running advertising campaigns, and conducting market research.

Before we go further into the benefits of outsourcing your marketing tasks and more specifically, how we at Tiel Virtual Solutions can save you a minimum of 7 hours per month, let’s address some of the common objections most coaches and small business owners have towards outsourcing.

Objections of outsourcing your online marketing

1. Tight Budget

As your coaching business grows, there will come a time when you are feeling like you are being pulled in all directions. There are your client sessions and other revenue-generating work, and then all those business-related tasks including marketing. Marketing is a necessary investment into the growth of your business and there will come a time when you need to analyze if you are using your time most effectively.

What is the opportunity cost of outsourcing your marketing? How long does it take you to implement all of your marketing tasks compared to outsourcing to an expert who is skilled in these tasks? What revenue-generating tasks could you replace this time with? Can you afford to outsource these marketing tasks? Can you afford not to?

2. Marketing Content won’t be in your voice

As a coach or small-business owner where you are your brand, it is very important that your voice and personality shine through your content. You are your brand and people want to know you.

This is why we have our clients write that one piece of cornerstone content – that main article that gets published as your blog post and repurposed in your newsletter. It is this piece of cornerstone content that we use to create all the additional items of marketing content. We re-purpose, keeping your voice and personality in each piece of marketing content.

3. Loss of control in the marketing process

We view every one of our clients as partners and are here to work alongside you to help grow your coaching business. It is very important to establish clear, regular communication so everyone is following the same marketing strategy and plan.

All of our marketing packages include monthly strategy calls and analytic reports so we can see what is working and what isn’t working, and together we decide on what needs to be updated or tweaked.

Benefits of outsourcing your online marketing

Now that we have addressed some of the common objections to outsourcing your online marketing tasks, let’s take a quick look at some of the top benefits:

1. Marketing Expertise and Skill

When you begin outsourcing your online marketing tasks to a marketing team or agency, you are opening your coaching business to the availability of marketing skills and expertise that you most likely lack (because that is not your area of expertise or joy).

At Tiel Virtual Solutions, we strive to continually stay up-to-date on marketing trends and we bring this knowledge and expertise into the level of service offered to our clients.

2. Time Saver

For many coaches and course creators, it can take you hours or even days to complete all the necessary marketing tasks from writing one article to getting it published online. Yes, you may be great at tech or implementing these tasks. But when you outsource the marketing tasks to an outsourced specialist we most likely are able to complete the tasks more efficiently, whilst still maintaining a high quality of work.

The question to ask yourself is what can you replace that time with that will generate more revenue for your business?

3. Cost Savings

I touched on this benefit in number 2 but it is a huge benefit of outsourcing. In addition to taking advantage of a level of expertise and saving you time, you need to consider what the opportunity cost will be if you choose to outsource.

If we can save you 7 hours per month by taking on some of your marketing tasks (or potentially even more time), how much more revenue could you generate if you were to spend that 7+ hours working with clients instead? Considering that most coaches charge out at a minimum of $100 per hour, you can easily cover the cost of outsourcing plus some if you are able to focus more on those areas of your business that generates revenue rather than the marketing tasks that take up so much of your time.

How can we save you a minimum of 7 hours per month?

As I have hinted throughout this article, I am going to break down how we can save you a minimum of 7 hours per month. I am saying a minimum because the below is based on one article so if you are currently trying to publish 2 articles per month then you can double that amount. It is also based on our expert estimates. In reality, it may be taking you longer to complete those tasks thus saving you even more time.

The below marketing tasks are all the tasks we offer within each of our marketing packages for the one piece of cornerstone content – that blog article or podcast episode – that you create.

Content Creation

When you have written your blog article or created your podcast episode along with all the information for your show notes page, we take that piece of cornerstone content and:

  1. Create your email newsletter – the article is formatted for email including an eye-catching and enticing subject line, and selecting the correct segment of recipients to receive the email newsletter.
  2. Create your blog post or podcast show notes page – the article is formatted and optimized for search engines with all the necessary and relevant items, including images.
  3. Create your social media content – we take the original piece of cornerstone content and repurpose it into additional pieces of marketing content keeping your words and your voice. From each piece of content, we create up to 3 short promotional posts to share the link to your blog article or podcast episode on social media, as well as up to 4 standalone educational tips. These tips pull out pieces of educational content from within your article – the brilliance of your expertise to share with people on social media.

Image Creation

Social media images can easily be one of the biggest time-suckers for people. To save additional time we work with all of our clients to create a variety of templates to use for social media images that have your branding and can be rotated through to still provide variety in your feed. The images that are created from your one piece of cornerstone content include:

  1. Featured Image – each blog or podcast show notes page has a featured image that gets pulled whenever the URL link is shared on social media.
  2. Educational Tip Images – each of the 4 standalone education tips has a separate image created to go with that tip. These images are also optimized for image size based on the social media channels each client uses in their marketing.

Content Distribution

Once all items have been approved, they are ready to schedule following your marketing content planner and distribution schedule:

  1. Schedule your newsletter – After your newsletter has been approved we schedule it to send, double-checking that it is being sent to the correct recipients. A resend of this newsletter to those who did not open the original email is also scheduled for a week or two later depending on the frequency of your newsletters.
  2. Schedule your blog post or podcast show notes page – Once approved, this page is scheduled for publishing.
  3. Schedule your social media posts – Once all tips and promotional posts are approved, content is scheduled on your chosen social media channels as per the marketing content planner. This planner includes a mix of these new pieces of content with evergreen content in the form of other sales-type posts to promote lead magnets, holiday posts as necessary, and even older educational tip posts.

Networking & Engagement

This is the main area of your marketing activities that we still encourage our clients to primarily be responsible for. As a personal brand, it is important for our clients to do most of the networking and engaging online because social media followers want to connect with you. They want to engage with you directly.

If required, we can help with minimal engagement including monitoring your social media platforms for comments and likes and responding with canned responses to frequently asked questions in your DM’s.

By outsourcing these marketing tasks, you can gain back a minimum of 7 hours per month. What would you do with these extra hours to further grow your business?

Where are you spending most of your time? Are you ready to get help with implementing your marketing?

Book a quick teatime chat with Natashia to learn how we can partner with you to give you more time to focus on those revenue-generating tasks for your business. Let us give you the gift of confidence for your message!


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