November 21, 2023  

Your Lead Magnet is the foundation for building an engaged audience and online community who want to hear more from you.

Before you can successfully launch a new course, program, or service, you need to spend time building and nurturing an email list.

In a previous article, I outlined the four phases of a strategic launch plan and today’s lesson fits right into Phase 1: Spark Engagement. During this phase, you are building an engaged audience and community through growing an email list, creating authentic connections, building trust, and sparking excitement and interest in what you have to offer. This is where a Lead Magnet comes into play.

But first, what is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is one of the most important tools you will have in your marketing toolbox. It is sometimes referred to as a freebie or a free offer. It is a free resource that provides your audience with valuable information and content, often aimed at solving a pain point, question, or problem they are struggling with.

In exchange for receiving this free resource, they willingly provide their email address. This adds them to your growing email list so that you can further nurture them along their journey with you and your business.

Now that we have looked briefly at the importance of having a lead magnet to build your list and grow your online community, how do you create a lead magnet that converts? One that actually gets people to sign up for it?

It is one thing to create a lead magnet. It is an entirely different thing to create a lead magnet that will convert visitors to your website into email subscribers, who will become interested in learning more about your course, program or service offering and want to turn into a customer.

There are seven key elements that you need to consider when creating (or updating) your next lead magnet.

A Lead Magnet is the foundation of List Building success!


Seven key elements of a lead magnet that converts

1. Solves one real and relevant problem.

A high-converting lead magnet is one that focuses on one problem or pain point that is common to your ideal client or target audience and provides them with a solution. What problem are you trying to solve for your clients? What common questions are your ideal clients asking on social media?

Create a free offer that will benefit their life and/or business, encourage them to achieve a goal, or provide transformation from something they are struggling with.

2. Offers a quick win.

What is a quick solution or quick win you can provide for the one problem or pain point your ideal client has? How can you help your ideal client walk away with that quick win, inspired to take that first step towards solving their problem?

Give them a quick win that helps them move forward towards freedom from the problem or pain point they have been experiencing today.

3. Super specific, direct Call-to-Action.

Have a specific, direct call-to-action on your website and optin-in page that tells visitors exactly what to do and how they will benefit from signing-up.

For example, use a call-to-action like this: “Download my FREE guide to attract your ideal client with confidence today!” It will be more effective than saying, “Subscribe to my newsletter.” Don’t have a generic call-to-action. Rather, be specific with a benefit-driven call-to-action.

4. Quick to consume.

Your lead magnet does not have to be an extensive 300+ page eBook. People are looking for free offers that are easy to consume and implement. Create something simple that can be easily understood, such as a two-page checklist, a five-page guide or a ten-minute video tutorial.

5. High valuable content.

A high-converting lead magnet allows your ideal client to learn something that is going to be valuable to them, their business and/or their life. Create a high-quality lead magnet that people will perceive as highly valuable information.

6. Instantly accessible.

The last thing someone wants is to have to jump through three or four hoops before they get access to your free offer. Make sure that your lead magnet is easily accessible on either the Thank You page and/or in the delivery email that is sent immediately after someone signs up. Don’t keep them waiting!

7. Demonstrates your expertise.

A lead magnet is a great way to showcase and demonstrate your expertise and skills to potential clients and customers. It is a great way to display your knowledge about a certain topic, and it is important to create a lead magnet that is relevant to the products and services you have available.

For example, I provide coaches and course creators with all-in-one Digital Marketing and Kajabi support, and so I have a couple of different lead magnets. I have a guide that walks you through the 10 steps to confidently setting-up your course in Kajabi, a guide to the 5 simple steps to growing your business online, as well as a quick checklist to review your lead magnet against these 7 elements.

Each of these lead magnets showcases my expertise in the different areas that we offer support in and allows me to reach potential clients who may be looking for further support with their Digital Marketing and/or Kajabi overwhelm.

To recap, the 7 elements of a Lead Magnet that converts is:

  1. Solves one real and relevant problem.
  2. Offers a quick win.
  3. Super specific, direct Call-to-Action.
  4. Quick to consume.
  5. Highly valuable content.
  6. Instantly accessible.
  7. Demonstrates your expertise.

By ensuring that your Lead Magnet includes these 7 elements, you will have a strong tool to grow your online community. As you build your email list and continue to nurture those on your list through regular and consistent emails, you will begin to build authentic connections that grow into warm leads for your next launch. (If you are unsure of how to transform your email list with a nurture email sequence, take a look at this article.)

Are you struggling to get leads from your free offer? Grab this Free checklist to review your lead magnet against these 7 key elements and find out what areas you may need to tweak to get your lead magnet to work for you (converting into buying customers!).

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