July 29, 2021  

A key element of growing your email list is creating a sequence of nurture emails.

In my last couple of articles, I have been talking about the 5 Simple Ways to Grow an Engaging Email List and The Foundational Pieces to Email Marketing Success. A huge part of growing an engaged email list is nurturing your subscribers so they can get to know you, like you, and trust you.

“The moment a subscriber opts-in to your email list is the moment they are most interested in your brand. That’s the moment they’re most likely to read whatever you serve them, so take the opportunity to serve them value, relationship-building content.” ~ Joel Widmer, Fluxe Digital Marketing

What is an email nurture sequence?

A nurture sequence (or email nurture sequence) can also be referred to as a marketing funnel. It is the process or journey of converting your website visitors into potential consumers/clients by opting in to receive your free offer or lead magnet. Then, using the automation of your email marketing platform, you send them a series of welcome or nurture emails over a series of time.

The purpose or goal of these nurture emails is to allow your new subscribers to get to know you better and for you to provide them with additional high-value content. This leads them through the funnel to the end goal of purchasing a product or service.

An email nurture sequence lets people get to know, like and trust you through the value you have to offer them.

Map out your email sequence.

Ideally, the email nurture sequence should be a minimum of three emails but it can be up to seven, as long as they are filled with valuable content for your subscriber. Below are the key emails to include within the sequence:

  • Email #1: Delivery Email. The first email you send should deliver your free offer or lead magnet as a link to download. Make sure you set this email to send immediately after someone signs up, so that they get your free offer right away. By sending your free offer as a downloadable link in an email, you are encouraging future emails to land in your subscriber’s primary inbox or promotions tab (if they use Gmail) rather than the spam folder.
  • Email #2: Welcome Email. The welcome email is the most important email within the nurture sequence as it is your opportunity to make a great first impression. Give your new subscriber the opportunity to get to know you and your business better. Tell your story and share the WHY behind your business. What do you do? What makes you an expert? How can you help solve their problems or challenges? If they enjoy reading your welcome email, there is a higher chance that they will read future emails from you.
  • Emails #3 – #7: Value-Added Emails. Send up to an additional five emails that provide further value-added content. This can include tips or strategies on how to use your free offer, additional resources to learn more, or information to help clients upsell to related products you have available. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action that moves your subscriber to the next step in the funnel. For example, do you want them to check out a relevant blog article or podcast? Would you like them to follow you on Facebook or Instagram? Are you wanting to upsell them on a product or service?

Provide them with additional high-value content that will help them not only solve their problem but also thrive in the solution. Nurture these potential leads so that they will take the next step in your marketing funnel, whether it be to purchase a program, course, or service.

Once your subscribers have gone through the email campaign sequence, add them to your regular email newsletter or broadcast. Never stop sharing valuable content; keep your email list interested in what you have to share!

Consistency in communicating with your subscribers is the key to growing your online marketing and keeping your email list engaged!

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