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Learn key marketing and course creation tips from these top-performing blog posts.

Our most popular posts of 2023 focused on the importance of email marketing and understanding the customer journey in your marketing strategy, simplifying the course creation process, and how outsourcing your marketing tasks can save a minimum of 7 hours per month. Take a look below if you missed any.

5 Simple Ways to Grow an Engaging Email List for your Business 

Your email list is one of your business’s most valuable assetsGrowing an email list is still one of the best ways to market your business online.

Do you believe that? You have probably heard the phrase “the money’s in the list” meaning that your email list is one of your business’s most valuable assets. This is true for all types of businesses, whether you have a physical location and meet with people in person, or your coaching business is 100% virtual and online. Whether you offer in-person or online services, and whether you offer online courses or not.

Your email list will only be an asset if you are taking the time to grow a list full of subscribers (aka potential leads) who are eager to learn from you, who are engaged and who are willing to buy your products or services.

Now, how do we do this? How do we, firstly, get people onto our email list and then turn them into engaged subscribers who become potential leads for our business?

Take a look at these 5 simple ways to build a growing email list that can work for you and your business.

3 Reasons Why Every Course Creator Needs an Email List 

Are you making the same mistake?

I recently came across a post in a Facebook group for course creators, where the person was expressing their frustrations with a failed launch of two new courses they’d just created. They had spent months creating these two courses and then used Facebook Ads to promote the courses.

And the results? Nada! Not a single sign-up for the courses or even for their free eBook. You could sense their frustration as they finished the post with, “All the hype about making lots of money with online courses may just be that. Hype.”

Growing an email list is one of the key marketing foundations for any successful online business.Do you know what might have contributed to a failed “launch” of their courses? (I put launch in quotations because I don’t think they did a true launch.) They failed to grow and nurture an audience!

Don’t make the same mistake of putting the cart before the horse. I truly believe that if you have any type of online presence, you need to invest time and energy into building a community. And not just through social media. You also need to invest in growing and building an email list.

Check out the top 3 reasons why course creators and coaches should prioritize growing an email list and how it can be a huge benefit to the success of your business.

Kotler’s 5 A’s of Creating an Effective Customer Journey

Take time to consider how your ideal client feels at each touch point with your brandHave you taken the time to consider the journey that your ideal client takes from that first interaction with your business to accessing and participating in your online course, programs, or services? How do they get from point A of becoming aware of your business to point B of purchasing and becoming a loyal client?

Creating an effective customer journey map is essential to converting leads into paying clients. Using Dr. Kotler’s 5 A’s of Marketing, I walk through how we can create a marketing strategy following the journey and phases that our ideal clients will go through: Awareness, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocate.

When we take the time to understand the different stages that our ideal client will go through as they interact with our business, we can develop a marketing strategy that focuses on creating authentic, meaningful connections at each touch point along this journey.

Dive deeper into mapping out your customer journey using the five A’s of marketing.

3 Steps to Simplify Your Online Course Creation Process 

Simplify the online course creation process with One problem, One solution, and One audience, marketing course creation tips Are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of creating an online course for your coaching business?

You have all of these awesome ideas floating around your brain, or in a notebook, that are just waiting for you to turn into that online course. Yet, you feel stuck. You don’t know where to start. You are overwhelmed, maybe a little fearful, of all the work that is needed to put together a course that will be accessed by many more people.

The process of creating online courses can be daunting and overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, to do, and to connect all together to create one well-structured, flowing course.

You’re not alone. Most people go through this process of overwhelm.

Here are my 3 steps to reducing the overwhelm and simplifying your course creation process.

Save 7 Hours Per Month by Outsourcing Your Online Marketing 

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. ~ Peter Drucker, marketing course creation tips Is it time to eliminate your marketing struggles by outsourcing your online marketing tasks?

You know that marketing is a necessary part of your coaching business. Any business that wants to grow and thrive needs to put effort into an effective marketing strategy and plan.

Yet, I get the struggle. You didn’t start your coaching business to do marketing. You started your business so you could help others. Your desire is to share your knowledge and expertise with others, to guide your clients on their own transformation journey, and to better their own lives. Your desire is NOT to spend hours or days on marketing.

Learn how we can save you a minimum of 7 hours per month when you outsource your marketing tasks to us. What could you do with these extra hours to further grow your business?

Elevate your business with these marketing and course creation tips.

Each post teaches a lesson to help take your business to the next level. Which of these marketing and course creation tips will you try first? Share them in the comments below or reach out to me on Instagram.

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